Mental Nuts: Can you Crack 'em? (1897)

PDF reprint of an old, 32-page booklet with 100 "Regular Old Puzlers that kept your Granddad up at night."

This PDF reprint of a unique 1897 booklet describes itself as "A book of Old Time Catch or Trick PROBLEMS. Regular old Puzzlers that kept your granddad up at night." There is a selection of 100 of these old-time tricks and puzzlers.

Here is Puzzler #41, titled, "Can You Tell": What is the difference between a wood pecker and a peck measure?

Puzzler #43, "A Trick Question": A gave Forty five dollars for a horse and sold him for fifty-four dollars. What per cent. profit did he make?

Puzzler #57, "The Bottle and the Cork": A bottle and a cork cost $1.10, the bottle cost $1.00 more than the cork. What did each cost?

The answer to that last question seems easy, but it isn't what most people think at first.

Answers to all the tricks and puzzlers are in the back of the book.

The booklet was written by S.E. Clark and was distributed by the American Waltham Watch C. of Waltham Mass.

The booklet has 32 pages and several illustrations.

This would make for a great homeschooling resource. Or print it off and give it as a gift to someone you know who likes old puzzlers... "the kind that kept your granddad up at night."

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