Herrick Kimball's Minibed Gardening Trilogy of Yearly Reports 2017-2019

Minibed Gardening is a smart, manageable, productive and satisfying new way of growing your own wholesome vegetables. The system was developed by Herrick Kimball in 2016 and is under continuing development. This trilogy of yearly reports explains the history and theory behind Minibed gardening, then chronicles two years of experience in Herrick's experimental garden. With 130 pages and 250 photos you'll learn all about what makes this comprehensive gardening system so special, and how you can create your own Minibed garden. Check out Herrick's numerous YouTube movies about Minibed Gardening, and be sure to go to the Minibed Gardening web site, where you can read many of the specific details about this unique system (click the green "More Details" button below).

This is a 42MB, 130 page PDF download (with 250 photos) of three Minibed gardening yearly reports that were published in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

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